Wednesday, January 25, 2012

let's see how this goes

Ahh, first blog entry! I never thought I would be the blogging type....

This semester while we are apart, David and I talk on the phone or Skype like four times a day. (And I still don't feel like it's enough.) Long distance engagements are not easy! We are counting down the days! 220 to be exact :)

My days consist of class, homework, studying, eating when I can, talking to David, working out and crazy shenanigans with my new roommates. I seriously lucked out this semester. These girls are awesome. They keep me sane and entertained so I don't miss Dave too much.

I'm trying really hard to find joy in the journey. Sometimes it's hard to be joyful in the frozen tundra that is Rexburg... But I'm working on it!

I promise to post as much as I can,

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