Monday, November 5, 2012

the reception


  1. Beautiful reception! I love the full false ceiling that you did. Did you do the ceiling or have someone do it?? I am very interested in doing this for my reception.. Please let me know!!!

    Thanks, Lauren

  2. I am planning a reception for my daughter in October. Can you tell me how you did the "Mr and Mrs" backdrop behind the table? From the pictures it appears to be hung, but I can't tell from what it hangs. Also, what is used for the rod? Also, is that wall behind that backdrop the regular cultural hall wall, or did you cover it with burlap? Your reception is really wonderful. Congratulations on making the cultural hall look really great!

    1. I'd love to know how you made the Mr. & Mrs. sign too please! I love your wedding decorations! I'm having a rustic wedding in a few months and I'm going for the same look that your reception has!

  3. This is beautiful! We did our reception at a VFW Hall and did our own decorations and sweets table...I love seeing receptions where people took the time to think about it and make a simple room beautiful

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  5. cultural hall reception done RIGHT! :)

  6. How much did it cost to do the draping?

  7. Love what you did to the walls of the cultural hall. Can you tell me the instructions and measurements of how you made the back drop behind the "Just Married" table - and the same question the other person had about the back drop behind the Mr and Mrs. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Im Planning my wedding and had the hardest time find lanterns, and your are so perfect!! Where did you find them?

  9. Hi! I know you said that you had the ceiling draped for you- but do you have any idea how many rolls of the banquet table cloths they used?? We love the look it created, and want to recreate it for my daughter's wedding in August. :) Thank you!!