Saturday, March 3, 2012

too busy to post

I realize that I said that I was going to start posting these every Friday and that I only did it once... Sorry to my five followers. As my apology I will show you some real awkwardness, here you go:

Yes. Yes. Yes! I love awkward family photos. Love them. Just check out and prepare to laugh your butt off!

  • Jeggings, but not only jeggings, jeggings that are too big causing sag butt and falling off. It's against the honor code and it's just plain gross. 
  • When you rinse off your spoon in the sink, and the water hits it just right, then BAM! Water shoots up in your face. Happened yesterday, yup. 
  • Back-rubs during devotional. I LOVE having my back scratched/hair played with. If you were ever wondering, this is a great way to get on my good side.
  • My amazing YSA ward. We went sledding today and it was seriously the most fun I've had in a long time... and I might just have a concussion from it.

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