Monday, April 2, 2012

april fools!

It has seriously been forever since I posted! What's up with that?! I'm guessing it's probably because of: roommate's birthday celebrations.
homework has been killer.
lot's of finals.
end of the semester chaos.
wasting a little too much time on the internet. (pinterest)
running & working out.
girl's nights.
lack of sleep.
moving apartments... at least i'm on the first floor!
trip to Utah.
festival of colors.
messing with Cami's car.
seeing old friends.
reading the hunger games.
general conference weekend.

So I think I should tell you about some major awesome/awkwards that have happened since I last posted.

  • Katelyn had a birthday on the 11th then Erin had one on the 13th. We decorated the apartment with balloons on the morning of the 11th and left them up. At midnight on the 13th we screamed outside the front door "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!" Then we danced around the apartment and on the porch. Then, the boys across the parking lot form us started flipping their lights on and off and dancing with us. Then there might have been a little dance competition... this was all happening, and we were stuffing balloons in our shirts, and were probably being too loud because out of no where some guy came up right in our faces wearing a scream halloween costume! It was terrifying! Angela and Kody screamed, Erin froze and Katelyn ran away. Then, while i was screaming, I chucked the hard, plastic,  completely full water bottle I was holding at the guy and it hit him square in the face and we slammed the door. Laughing hysterically. So creepy...
  • Trying to find people to ride to Utah with.
  • The aftermath form the festival of colors. It took a few days to stop sneezing out rainbow snot.. Attractive.
  • I didn't get to see Cami when I went to Utah. But, at least I got to wish her a happy birthday and write all over her car!
  • Wearing skirts in windy Rexburg. Sorry if you've seen more than you wanted...
  • Trying to figure out a new apartment to move into for next semester. I've moved twice.. Hopefully nauvoo house doesn't mess up again.
  • Dancing at Erin's party and when she almost killed some boy while swinging the bat at the pinata.
  • This semester is almost over!
  • My roommates are so sweet this semester and i'm going to miss them.
  • The festival of colors was really fun and I got some cute and really funny pictures with Mary and her roommates.
  • I'm now in love with the hunger games! David and I read the first book and we are hooked! I can't wait to see the movie!!
  • GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS THIS WEEKEND. I love conference and being able to hear the prophet and apostles speak to us!
Erin's Birthday party

Festival of Colors

Kira misspelling Birthday...

5 days until I get to Minnesota
152 days until eternity

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