Monday, October 1, 2012

one month into our happily ever after

I know I've been totally neglectful to our little blog, but hey, we've been a little busy..
This past month has been an amazing, emotional, crazy, fun, and exciting journey. I can't believe we have already been married for a month! David and I have so much fun together and I am so blessed to be married to someone that loves me unconditionally, the way he does.

Husband, you are the most hard-working person I know. You are always doing things for other people, especially me. You're funny, you always bring me to that loud, can't keep my drink in my mouth, belly laugh that you say is adorable. {i know when you're lying, btw} You are strong, you know what you want and what it takes to get it. You are dependable, I know that if you tell me you are going to do something, you will.
I'm lucky that I get to be your girl. Happy one month-aversary!
xo, wife

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