Sunday, August 17, 2014

Huckleberry Friends

Since the seven-week break started David and I have seen each other maybe once or twice a week for no  longer than four hours at a time. With him working two jobs all day and night and with me working two jobs during the day we haven't really been able to have many date nights. Last night, the stars aligned and we were able to throw together a last minute camping trip as soon as David got home from work. We packed up the big, blue truck, loaded up our bikes and headed up to Kelly Canyon.
We mountain biked and cooked dinner over campfire. We were laughing and eating as an older couple came up to our camp and asked if we could help them jump start their car. We happily obliged and they gave us a basket full of huckleberries as a thank you. Hash tag good karma.
Then we came home to have a shower and breakfast before church.
P.S. Tomorrow we'll be having huckleberry milkshakes until we're sick.

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