Thursday, October 8, 2015

To my daughter

I love your bright eyed smiles at 5:30 in the morning. No really I do. I love your fluffy brown hair after bathtime. I love that you have brown hair when we thought for sure you would be blonde. I love when you look up at me while we're nursing. I love your chunky rolls on your arms and legs. I love our quiet moments together and I even love you when you're screaming. I love reading stories to you in the rocking chair in your room. I love when we play airplane. I love talking and singing to you and seeing you light up and give me a gummy grin. I love when you make noises and squeaks and growls. You can't wait to talk to me. I love when we get you dressed but I also love your squishy, naked belly. I love it when you need me to rock you to sleep at night and when we cuddle in the morning. I love that you look like my baby pictures but that I can see your daddy in expressions that you make. 
Everyday I love you more and more and I am so grateful to be your mama. 
I want to remember every single moment and soak them all in. Don't let me forget. 

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