Friday, February 24, 2012

it's friday

cute right.

I have decided to sum up the awkward/ awesome moments of the week every Friday. I got this inspiration from this adorable blog. Seriously this girl is hilarious. Check out her stuff! She is on a mission to Buenos Aires, Argentina. So that makes her automatically more awesome.

  • weird couple making out in the middle of the food court. well she was eating and he was all over her. sick.
  • throwing up a little in your mouth, while someone is looking at you, while eating by yourself in the mc. maybe i eat a bit too many citrusy fruits...
  • while walking to class I lost my shoe on the stairs and almost tripped/face-planted in front of three guys. then i had to walk back up the steps to retrieve the shoe.
  • i tried to throw my gum away at the end of class and it stuck to my finger and fell on the floor. take two.
  • trying to fight the urge to stuff my face with sugar. it's a long time until lent is over.
  • my family relations teacher talking about sex.
  • the fact that i can eat a taco salad bigger than my head at least once a week.
  • when it's sunny and snowing at the same time.

  • i have a ticket to Minnesota for April! i. can't. wait. only 42ish more days!
  • the feeling i had after running the bleachers yesterday.
  • how much better my body feels after not eating sugar all day. (even though my soul doesn't agree)
  • getting to Skype almost every night this week with Dave.
  • the weather is getting warmer! not like shorts outside warm, but only three layers warm.

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